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Soggy sheets & pajamas and an embarrassed child — are the unwanted scene for many parents.

KidBuy™ Anti Bedwetting Diaper Skirt helps to keep your baby dry throughout the night and develop a good toilet habit! This diaper skirt is softer & more comfortable than paper diapers, giving your toddler a snug fit with its wide stretchy band. This makes toddlers can get used to normal pants quicker for a smoother transition from diapers to underwear.

This diaper skirt is combined of 3 layers with premium quality - outer cotton layer with lovely pattern, middle 100% TPU waterproof fabric & inner bamboo textile. It is highly-absorbent that can prevent all accidental side leakage. Its anti-slip-up button design makes the skirt stay in place all night.

Say Goodbye To Bedwetting!


  • Comfortable Nighttime Training Skirt
    This diaper skirt is a more comfortable replacement for paper diapers to prevent small accidents and avoid urine leakage. A great way for the transition from diapers to real pants.


  • Waterproof & Absorbent
    The highly-absorbent TPU waterproof layer makes these skirts waterproof and helps to hold a lot of liquid. It is perfect to cope with multiple accidents at night, offering great leakage prevention.

  • Quality Layers
    This diaper skirt is combined of 3 layers with premium quality - outer cotton layer with lovely pattern, middle 100% TPU waterproof fabric & inner absorbent bamboo textile.

  • Button Design
    Double Button Design helps to prevent the skirt from sliding up while providing room for babies to move freely.

  • Super Wide Elastic Band
    With the most soft & adjustable band, this gives more comfort to baby’s belly. The band can be stretched to fit all sizes and used for a long time even when your baby grows bigger. It is high-waisted to protect babies from catching cold.



  • Size as below:

  • Material: Cotton Fabric + TPU Waterproof Fabric + Bamboo Textile
  • Color: Cactus/Zoo/Forest/Rabbit/Car/Dinosaur


  • 1 x KidBuy™ Anti Bedwetting Diaper Skirt

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