Universal Glass & Tile Cutter

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No more bulky angle grinders for your tile & bricks cutting

Easy Glide Glass & Tile Cutter provides easy tile cutting for professional home construction & renovation. It is a handheld glass knife for convenient & precise cutting of either hard or delicate objects.

CLEAN & DUST-FREE CUTTER - effectively prevents dust while cutting. No worry about dust invading eyes & nose anymore! With the powerful cutter, you can cut different boards such as tiles, glasses, bricks, marbles & wood etc. It precisely creates different angles & shape cuts with ease. 

No more unexpected breaking and shards as you cut! Cut glass in just one swipe with the Glass & Tile Cutter. Best boards cutting partner ever!


  • Universal Glass & Tile Cutter
    Easy tile cutting for professional home decoration. Handheld glass knife for convenient and precise cutting for either hard or delicate objects

  • Sharp-Edged Knife
    Cut hard objects easily with wheel-shaped knife. A marking tool for precise,smooth cutting
  • Clean & Dust-Free Cutter
    Effectively prevent dust while cutting. No worry about dust invading eyes & nose anymore! 

  • Easy to Use
    Leave marks on the surface, align & fix the knife on the edges of tile. Screw it until the glass is cut. Screw handle for easy cracking of objects to cut

  • Anti-Slip Handle
    Ergonomically designed handle
     for excellent cutting grip. Fine handling without slipping!

  • Multiple Uses 
    Applicable for tiles, glasses, bricks, marbles & wood boards etc. Also suitable for glass & ceramics crafts project 

  • Hard & Durable Material
    Made of strong steel material with a long expectancy of usability. Anti-slip handle is made of durable & hard ABS material
  • Portable & Lightweight
    Convenient to carry - placed into your tool bag, handbag or even your pocket when traveling to your place of work


  1. Leave scratch marks on the surface
  2. Align & fix the knife on the edges of tile
  3. Screw it until the glass is cut


  • Material: Steel, ABS
  • Cutting Thickness: 20mm
  • Weight: 35kg


  • 1 x Universal Glass & Tile Cutter 

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